Essentially Similar to U.S. Department of Labor Form OSHA

Revised Date: 01/20/12

SECTION I-Product Information


Manufacturer: A.V.W. Inc.

24 Hour Emergency Phone Number: 800-424-9300

Product Name: Max Professional All Purpose Cleaning Wipes


SECTION II-Composition / Information on Ingredients

Chemical characterization

Description: Mixture of substances listed below with nonhazardous additions. For the wording

of the listed of the listed risk phrases refer to section 16.


Propan-2-ol CAS# 67-63-0

Ethanol CAS# 64-17-5

1- [1, 3 bis (hydroxymethyl)-2, 5-dioxoimidazolidin-4-yl]-1, 3-bis (hydroxymethyl) urea CAS# 78491-02-8

1, 3-bis (hydroxymethyl)-5, 5-dimethylimidazolidine-2, 4-doine CAS# 6440-58-0

P-menth-1-en-8-ol CAS# 98-55-5

Water, distilled, conductivity or of similar purity CAS# 7732-18-5

SECTION III-Hazards Identification

Hazard description: F Highly flammable

Information concerning particular hazards for human and environment:

The product has to be labeled to the calculation procedure of the General Classification guideline for preparations of the EU in the latest valid version.

Classification System:

The classification is according to the latest editions of the EU-lists, and extended by company and literature data.


SECTION IV-First Aid Measures

After inhalation: supply fresh air; consult doctor in case of complaints.

After skin contact: Generally the product does not irritate the skin.

After eye contact: Rinse opened eye for several minutes under running water. Then consult a doctor.

After swallowing: If Symptoms persist consult doctor.


SECTION V-Fire-Fighting measures

Suitable: extinguishing agents: CO2, sand extinguishing powder. Do not use water.

For safety reasons unsuitable extinguishing agents:

Water with full jet.

Protective equipment: Wear fully protective device.

Mouth respiratory protective device.

Do not inhale explosion gases or combustion gases.


SECTION VI-Accidental Release Measures

Person-related safety precautions:

Wear protective equipment. Keep unprotected persons away.

Measures for environmental protection:

Don not allow product to reach sewage system or any water course.

Inform respective authorities in case of seepage into water course.

Do not allow to enter sewers/ surface or ground water.

Measures for cleaning/collecting:

Absorb with liquid-binding material (sand, diatomite, acid binders, and sawdust).

Ensure adequate ventilation.

Do not flush with water or aqueous cleansing agents.

SECTION VII-Handling and Storage


Information for safety handling: Store in a cool, dry place in tightly closed receptacles.

Information about fire-and explosion protection:

Keep ignition sources away- Do not smoke

Protect against electrostatic charges.


Requirements to be met by storerooms and receptacles: Store in a cool condition.

Information about storage in one common storage facility: Store away from flammable substances.

Further information about storage conditions: Keep container tightly sealed.

Trade name: All purpose wipes

Store in cool, dry, conditions in well sealed receptacles.


SECTION VIII-Exposure Controls / Personal Protection

Additional information about design of technical facilities: No further data; item 7.

Ingredients with limit values that require monitoring at the workplace: 67-63-0 propan-2-ol

WEL (Great Britain) Short-term value: 1250mg/m, 500 ml/m

Long-term value: 999 mg/m, 400 ml/m

PEL (USA) Short-term value: 1225 mg/m, 500 ml/m

Long-term value: 980 mg/m, 400 ml/m

TLV (USA) Short-term value: 984mg/m, 400ml/m

Long-term value: 492 mg/m, 200ml/m

Additional information: The lists valid during the making were used as basis.

Personal protective equipment: Wash hands before breaks and at the end of work.

Respiratory protection: Suitable respiratory protective device recommended.

Protection of hands:

Protective gloves:

The glove material has to be impermeable and resistant to the product/ the substance/ the preparation.

Due to missing tests no recommendation to the glove material can be given for the product/ the preparation/ the chemical mixture.

Selection of the glove material on consideration of the penetration times, rates of diffusion and the degradation.


Material of gloves:

The selection of the suitable gloves does not only depend on the material, but also on further marks of quality and varies from manufacturer. As the product is a preparation of several substances, the resistance of the glove material can not be calculated in advance and has therefore to be checked prior to the application.


Penetration time of glove material:

The exact break through time has to be found out by the manufacturer of the protective gloves and has to be observed.


Eye protection: Tightly sealed goggles

SECTION IX-Physical and Chemical Properties

General Information

Form: Flakes

Colour: White

Odour: Aromatic

Change in condition:

Melting point/Melting range: Not available

Boiling point/Boiling range: Not available

Flash point: Not available

Flammability (solid, gaseous): Not available

Ignition temperature: Not available

Self-igniting: Product is not self igniting

Danger of explosion: Product is not explosive, However, formation of explosive air/vapour

mixtures are possible.

Explosion limits:

Lower: Not available

Upper: Not available

Oxidizing properties Not available

Vapour pressure: Not available

Density: Not available

Relative density: Not available

Vapour density: Not available

Evaporation rate: Not available


Solubility in / Miscibility with

Water: Not available

PH-value: Not available


Dynamic: Not available


SECTION X-Stability and Reactivity

Thermal decomposition / conditions to be avoided: No decomposition if used according to specifications.

Dangerous reactions: No dangerous reactions known.

Dangerous decomposition products: No dangerous decomposition products known.