Essentially Similar to U.S. Department of Labor Form From OSHA

Revised 09/04/12

HMIS Health_1 Flammability-4 Reactivity-0

Section 1: Identification of Product

ManufacturerÕs Name: AVW INC. d.b.a. Max Professional

24-Hour Emergency Phone Number: 800-424-9300

Product Name: Electronic Wipes 10 pack bag


Section 2: Hazardous components of Mixture

                                                                    %                        CAS No.

Isopropanol                                               30                            67-63-0

Laurtrimonium chloride                            0.05                         112-00-5 

Methylchloroisothiazolinone                   0.0009                     26172-55-4

Methylisothiazolinone                             0.0003                      2682-20-4

Benzyl alcohol                                        0.013                        100-51-6

Section 3: Physical Data

Boiling point                              78.3-100¡C                          

Vapour pressure (mm Hg) N.A.                                        

Vapour density (Air=1)                 N.A.

Solubility in water                                   Soluble

Specific gravity (H20=1)               0.97

Percent volatile (by volume %)   N.A.

Evaporation (H20=1)                    >1

Appearance and odor: transparent liquid

Section 4: Fire & Explosion Hazard Data


Flash point:>30¡C   

Fire extinguishing media: Foam extinguish

Special fire-fighting procedures: No special method necessary

Unusual fire & explosion hazards: None

Section 5: Health Hazard Data


Threshold limit value:      No toxic effect known

Effects of overexposure: No bad effect on human health under normal use

                                                  Intoxication may only result from massive ingestion

Emergency and first aid procedure: Eyes - Rinse with water

                                                     Consult medical advise

 Section 6: Reactivity Data


Stability - Stable                        

Incompatibility (materials to avoid) - None

Hazardous decomposition products -None 

Hazardous polymersion - Will not occur

Condition to avoid - Excessive heat.


 Section 7: Spill or leak procedures


Steps to be taken in case material is released or spilled: Wipe and Rinse with water.

Waste disposal methods: - N.A.

Handling & Storage: Store in cool ventilated place


Section 8: Special protection Information


Respiratory protection (specify type) - None required

Other protection equipment - None


Section 9: Special Precautions


Precautions to be taken in handling and storing - No specific measures

Keep out of eyes   Other precautions - Avoid prolonged contact with skin