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Pro Stick™ Spray Adhesives come in several great formulas for a variety of uses. All are made with our high quality standards, so you know they'll do the job right.

Pro Stick 25™ Textile Spray Adhesive provides a repositionable bond on fabrics and other materials. Will not gum up needles! Great for appliques, embroidery backings and to tack down marker paper for fabric cutting. Will not bleed through, wrinkle or curl material.

RECOMMENDED FOR: Fabrics • Felt Photos • Paper • Cardboard • Foams • Foils • Archival Documents • Plastics • Leather • Wood • Rubber • Films • Canvas • Tissue Paper • Collages • Balsa Wood • Styrofoam • Art Displays • Layouts • Photo Composition • Cork • Signs

Nt. Wt. 11 oz.