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Max Pro™ Cleaners & Degreasers are manufactured with industrial strength ingredients to handle the toughest jobs.

Max Pro™ All purpose Ink Remover is a natural solvent that penetrates quickly to safely remove ink and adhesives from virtually any surface! Use it to clean computers, keyboards, copiers, counter tops, cabinets and more. It is safe on most plastics.

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Removes: Ink, Adhesives, Glue, Toner, Printer Ink, Marker, Crayon, Tar, Correction Fluid, Stains, Oil, Grease, Lipstick, Scuff Marks

Recommended for: Computers • Notebooks • Printers • Monitors • Keyboards • Copiers • Scanners • Fax Machines • TVs • Counter Tops • Desks • Cabinets • Metals • Glass • Wood • Fiberglass • Fabrics • Vinyl • Carpets • Polypropelene

Nt. Wt. 5 oz.
Code: IR-003-043