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Our line of Blow Off™ air dusters and cleaners is specially formulated to clean computers and electronics to prolong performance and longevity.

Max Pro™ Rubber Rejuvenator is a specially designed cleaner that cleans and restores rubber rollers and platens. Removes dried ink and toner from gummed-up over inked rollers. CANNOT BE SOLD IN CALIFORNIA

Recommended For: Rubber Rollers · Platens · Printers · Copiers · Fax Machines · Postage Meters · Typewriters · Adding Machines · Feed Rollers · Registration Rollers · Forwarding Rollers · Blades · Fuser Rollers · Offset Duplicators · Blankets · Laser Cartridge Magnetic Rollers

Nt. Wt. 10 oz.
CODE: RR-002-145