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Make tough jobs easy with Max Pro™ line of lubricants. Specially formulated to penetrate and loosen corroded parts.

Max Pro™ Heavy Duty Silicone Lubricant is a high-grade silicone based lubricant that reduces friction on rubber, plastic and metal parts. Leaves a silicone coating to protect against corrosion. Clings to surfaces without running or dripping. Eliminates static charges, and is safe on plastics. Great for upholstery, plastic gears and automotive use. Non toxic.

Recommended For: Rifles • Shot Guns • Pistols • Revolvers • Bolt Lever Actions • Gun Parts Trigger Assemblies • Extractors/Ejectors • Firing Pins • Safeties Gas Pistons • Crane Assemblies • Cylinder Assemblies • Receivers Actions • Magazines • Gas Ports • Chambers • Barrels • Choke Tubes Barrel Threads • Slide Actions • Automatic Parts • Single Shot Parts

Nt. Wt. 11 oz.
Code: HDS-004-040