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Level 1- Beginner/Intermediate

  • Arabesque/Attitude Turns
  • Sauté
  • Chainé Turns
  • Soutenu
  • Piqué Turns/Lame Ducks
  • Grande Jeté (Brush)
  • Saut de chat (Developpe)
  • Toe Touch “Straddle Jump”
  • Pirouette (Turned out & Parallel)
  • Layout
  • Penché
  • Renversé

Level 2 -Advanced

  • Switch Leap
  • Switch to Second
  • Jeté en Arriére “Reverse Jete”
  • Reverse Jeté with Pull Through
  • Temps De Fléche En Tournant
  • Á La Seconde Turns
  • Fouetté Turns
  • Axel Turns
  • Renversé Variations
  • Grande Jeté En Tournant
  • Illusions
  • Tour Jeté

Level 3 - Elite

  • Around-The-World Fouetté
  • Fouetté Sauté/Fouetté Axel
  • Axel Variations
  • Reverse Switch
  • Chainé Switch Leap
  • Pirouette Variations
  • Tour Jeté Variations
  • Russian Pas De Chat (Turning)
  • Turning Extensions and Pitches

Technique DVD


Not only does this dance training dvd demonstrate beginning to intermediate, advanced and elite technical movements in explicit and descriptive language, it also has the following features:

  • Slow motion “action” capturing each element of a particular dance movement.
  • Dialogue outlining the components of each movement.
  • Graphics and dialogue indicating the technical elements of each movement and the problems both inexperienced and experienced dancers are likely to have mastering each skill.

Click here to preview segments taken from skills taught on the technique DVD. The DVD runs 40 minutes total, and presents 33 different technical skills for you and your team to break down and perfect. All three levels, beginning to intermediate, advanced and elite, are previewed to give you a taste of how thorough the instruction is for dancers at any stage of their development.

You can place your order for the Technique DVD by credit card at the MA Mall, or by calling us at 800-977-7933. The cost of the DVD is $50 with free shipping and handling.


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