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This questionnaire will help us plan and will allow us to make recommendations based on your interests and budget.

Once you have discussed the different topic areas with your significant other, we estimate the evaluation will take 10 - 15 minutes to complete.  When finished, simply hit the "submit" button at the bottom of this page.

Your submission will be personally reviewed by our Vacation Specialist, and you can expect a customized response in 5 - 7 business days.  If you would prefer to speak to someone immediately or are on a rush planning timeline, please call us at 1-800-256-4280 or 1-213-784-6143

u Please list the two best vacations you have taken, and in a sentence or two, tell us what made each one so special.
  Destination:   Why was this vacation so special?
Vacation 1:    
Vacation 2:    
v Please list your two worst vacations and tell us why they were so disappointing.
  Destination:   Why was this vacation so disappointing?
Vacation 1:    
Vacation 2:    
w What are the three best hotels/resorts you have stayed at and why?
  Name & Location:   Why?
Hotel 1:    
Hotel 2:    
Hotel 3:    
x Have you decided on a destination, or leaning towards one or two in particular? If so, please list below and tell us why.
  Destination   Why?
Destination 1    
Destination 2    
y Are there any places that you definitely do NOT want to go for your dream vacation? If so, please list below.
Above all, it is most important to determine the "nature" of your dream vacation experience. Briefly describe the "ambiance" or "feel" of your dream vacation (specific activities will be covered later so no need to mention them now...).
  1. Rank each of the following categories by importance on a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being the most important

  2. After ranking the broad categories, go back and answer the individual questions under each category

Vacation Experience    
What do you want to do on your vacation? Nothing but relax? Play golf? Scuba Diving? In general, what types of "activities" do you enjoy when on vacation (check all that apply)?
Sightseeing   Nature Hikes/Adventure   Scuba Diving   Adrenaline Activities
Spa/Massage   Culinary/Dining   Nightlife   Golf
Now, list all the specific things you would like to do, see or experience on your vacation
Weather & Climate    
Category Rank
What type of weather would you prefer — hot, cold, warm, tropical? Which is more appealing: sipping hot chocolate by a fireplace at a ski resort, or sipping a cold tropical drink while lounging by the pool? Describe your dream vacation climate:
Category Rank
How do you like to travel? There are many choices when figuring out how to get to your ultimate destination as well as traveling around when you get there. Which modes are acceptable (check all that are acceptable)?
Will Fly   Will take boats   Will consider multiple stops when flying
Will Drive   Will fly on small planes    
Travel Distance    
Category Rank
How far away from home are you willing to go?
3 hours of travel or less   6 hours of travel or less   10 hours of travel   Travel time not important
Length of Vacation    
Category Rank
About how much time do you have for your dream vacation?
4 days or less   One Week   10 days    
Two Weeks   More than Two Weeks        

When are you planning to depart for your vacation?
Category Rank
Destinations often have a mix of lodging options, but certain places are better known for certain types of accommodations. For example, Hawaii has an excellent selection of resorts but a more limited selection of B&Bs. What type(s) of accommodations would you prefer (check all that apply):
Beach Resort Spa Resort Major Chain Hotel Boutique Hotel Bed & Breakfast
Condominium   Private House/Vacation Rental Private Villa, bungalow or island
Cruise Ship   Private Yacht  

Level of Quality (check preference):
Luxury (e.g. Four Seasons, Ritz-Carlton)   Deluxe Standard   Economy
Category Rank
While it's not always easy to estimate, it will impact your travel options. Simply put, some places are just more expensive than others!
What is your approximate total vacation budget? 
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Thank you very much for taking the time to fill out our Vacation Questionnaire.

We are here to help plan your Dream Vacation. We are here for you now, during the whole planning and waiting process, while you travel and when you return. Our years of travel experience and legendary customer service will give you the piece of mind you are looking for.

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