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John Doyle

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Born in a small Oklahoma farm on August 12, 1923, John Doyle began his journey through life.  John was the youngest son of farmer Kenneth Doyle and his wife Mary Doyle.  Kenneth, a hard working man, raised his four children in a very disciplined way.  It was from here that John learned much of his punctuality.

John, after leaving home at age 18, decided to move to a city.  He went to Chicago and became a reporter for several years.  He enjoyed his job, but yearned to get a college education.  He enrolled at the University of Chicago.  From there he quickly realized that he loved Health Care and Biology.  Soon he made his decision that he was going to study to become a biologist.

Years after he graduated, I, his wife Darlene, asked why he felt so akin to his biological work.  He always responded "that this is something I enjoy doing and when I feel I am making progress, I realize how beneficial my work is."  As you can see, John was a very hard working man.

He ended up finishing his work and retiring at the age of 58. After a brief heart attack, John realized he could no longer work as hard a he had done in his younger years.

On May 2, 1999 John passed away. 

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John at the age of 20 found his true calling in life.  John wanted to be a biologist.  His whole life he felt a strong connection with different attributes of animal nature.  John always believed that we were bound together in the animal kingdom in one way or another. John realized with the discovery of the DNA molecule that he was right in his assumptions.

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John Doyle was recognized in his life many times.  One of his prowdess accomplishments was when he received the biologist of the year award from the University of Chicago, his alma mater, after completing his work on humans and primates are similar and different.

Further accomplishments was the publishing if his book, entitled "Human's Primate's and the Missing Link."  His book was a very accurate understanding of some of the primal instincts that human's and ape's have that are undoubtedly similar.  

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John was a very loving husband.  I will miss his delightful candor and will remember the wonderful times we had together.  Miss you and love you always...
Your loving wife,

I will always remember you as being a loving father...
Love always,
Your daughter Jennie

I will miss the times we spent as children and the times when we were both old men.  I always had a special place in my heart when our families would meet every year and have Christmas together.
Good luck in the after life,
Your brother Henry    

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