"Speedy Checkout" Order Form Security


If I'm using "Speedy Checkout" (I've ordered before, my information hasn't changed (including the ship to address), and I am using my password):

1). How does Square M Company know my information?

2). How is my information secure against someone else using the same password?

Each time you submit the SSL protected secure order form, we also receive a computer ID # specific to your computer.  If this is your first time to order, then we securely archive (in our secure data system completely separated from the internet) all order form information with the computer ID #. 

On all subsequent orders, if you use "Speedy Checkout" (simply submit your password), we match the computer ID # (which automatically comes attached to the form - invisible to the sender) and password with the computer ID # and password on file.  If BOTH the computer ID # and the password match, then your order is processed using the credit card and shipping information on in our secure archive.  IF one of the two do not match (example, the computer ID #'s are the same, but the password sent with the form doesn't match the password on file) then we follow-up and verify the originator of the new order is the same on file before the order is processed.

What if someone else selects the same password as mine, and they place an order?

Since both the password AND the individually specific computer ID# must match before your order is processed, and since the other person would have a different computer ID#, the order would not be associated with your account.  The other person's account information would be processed since all account information is archived under the individually specific computer ID#, not the password.  Remember, both the computer ID # and the password must match before we process the order.


Feel free to contact us if you have any further questions regarding our "Speedy Checkout".