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It might be easier than you think. It's fun and satisfying and brings you the recognition of family and friends, as well as saving you money.

We at Weck would like to introduce you to our home canning system. The Weck company has been successfully providing canning equipment in Europe since 1900. Home canning has become a very popular and healthy way to preserve foods, especially when produce is home-grown, given to you, or available at a farm market in your area. Weck canning systems provide an economical as well as rewarding experience.

Other Advantages:
• Wide easy to fill jars
• Glass lids that will not rust
• Seals that are easy to check at a glance
• Easy open jars (no can opener needed)
• Easy stack jars for convenient, space saving storage
• Accompanying plastic lids for refrigerator storage
• Wide openings making for easy cleanup
• Glass is microwave safe
• Attractive, fun, decorative shapes nice enough for table use
• Juice jars make pouring easier